Myths about the Vikings Culture

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Myths about the Vikings Culture

Myths about the Vikings Culture

The Vikings Culture has been taking many forms for the past thousand years. Most of us today enjoy using the Vikings products such as drinking horns, Vikings buffalo horns, etc.. eager to use these products. We often believe the myths that are popularly mistaken to be the Vikings practice.

Every Norse Resident is Not a Viking

Just imagine that you were a Scandinavian resident a Millenium years ago, then you will for sure pursue your career as a raider, trader, or explorer. Vikings were more of a career choice back then. Many of us make mere assumptions that all the Norse people preach the Vikings Culture. The truth is that all the Vikings belong to the Norse, but not all the Norse people are Vikings.

Vikings never wore helmets

If you ever ask a Vikings fan like us to describe any one of them, few things that ring a bell are the hear about long hair, blonde beards, and, of course, the iconic Viking helmet decorated with animal horns. But, these monumental Viking archeological sites never depicted these helmets; people always made assumptions that the warriors in Vikings raids wore helmets based on Richard Wagner’s opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen a set of plays based on Norse culture.

The Viking funerals do not exist

It is a prime misconception that the Vikings are buried by setting adrift in a flaming ship floating gently towards out to sea. Vikings have many funeral rituals based on their status in society, gender, age, and more.

Vikings reside only in Scandinavia

It is true that Vikings also reside in Scandinavia. Still, you know nothing more than the Viking products like the drinking horn, Vikings mug, buffalo horn if you assume they only live in Scandinavia. Many countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have established prominent vikings culture from ancient history.

Vikings are more than just good raiders

Vikings are best known for their raiding skills, but their interest in finding and exploring new trade routes often remains unappreciated. Their continuous target on the monasteries misguided the modern human race like us to think they are great warriors and have no other skills. But, we fail to notice that many popular Vikings products like Vikings drinking horns, Vikings mugs, buffalo horns, etc...were also made by them. This is more than enough to prove the fact that Norse are experts in various occupations ranging from farming to blacksmithing and that many of them were not a part of raiding voyages.

Vikings do not have a legal system

Vikings are cruel and arrogant. But, it gives none of us the right to assume that they do not have a legal system in place. They do have the most advanced and strict law codes like that adhere to the phrase ‘with law shall the land be built’. Not to mention, but this code has a significant impact on many European countries. One such country is Iceland which has this phrase as a motto of their police force.

These are a few myths that many of the Vikings facts believe. If you love to use Vikings products such as Vikings horns, buffalo horns, drinking horns, you must for sure know the Facts and Myths of Vikings culture.