All You Need to Know About Viking Drinking Horn Products

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All You Need to Know About Viking Drinking Horn Products

Drinking horns are the most known Viking items in the modern era. The history of Viking horns dates back to almost 2,600 years! Yes, we are talking of those horns we are all mad about ever since Game of Thrones premiered. From just being practical drinking vessels those days to being meaningful ancient symbolic reminders today, there is a lot to know about these ancient masterpieces.   

 A Glimpse of Drinking Horns in the Past

The drinking horns were famous in many ancient traditions like Scandinavians, Greeks, and Romans. To know the history of these horns, it is better to explore the Thracians and Scythians cultures as these are heavily used by them. The shapes and utility of drinking horns vary in different cultures. In African civilizations, nobles drink palm wine from carved buffalo horns as a royal ritual. Ancient Greece people used the horn as a drinking vessel during Dionysus's celebrations, the god of wine. As such, many other cultures are using these horns for different purposes.

How are these horns manufactured?

Be it a buffalo, cow, or ox drinking horn; it is made in the same following steps mentioned below.

  • The horn's inner core is first removed by boiling the whole horn, and then the softened marrow is scraped out.

  • Later the extracted core is softened using heat and pressed to form its desired shape.

  • Once the desired horn is formed, its coated with the formulated food-safe water-based coating and polished to a light sheen.

  • It's then fitted with the opted metal design or carved with etchings.

Where are these Vikings drinking horns used?                      

Mead Drinking:

Mead, often considered the drink of gods in Norse mythology, is consumed in these Vikings drinking horns in the ancient world. Many countries like Europe, Africa, and China consumed mead heavily in these horns during any festive parties of those times.

Wine Drinking

As time passed, ancient folks discovered that fermented grapes also taste delicious and started preparing wine. Romans, Greeks also considered getting drunk to be a spiritual experience and drinking wine in their beloved drinking horns.

Alcohol Beverages

Today, the drinking horns are used by everyone to consume many alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, etc. Many popular world premiers, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, have increased these horns' popularity.

Where to buy these drinking horns?

With the immense popularity of these horns today, there are many of them selling them online. But if you want to buy the best drinking horns online, you can always consider Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms. We sell high-quality buffalo drinking horns for over 35 years now. Our main operational areas include the UK, USA, Italy, and China. Visit our website for detailed info on buffalo drinking horns we sell.