Viking Warriors To Remember and Know About

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Viking Warriors To Remember and Know About

Vikings' age remains one of the well-known fascinations to the modern world. We remind ourselves of our interest in Viking culture today because Game of Thrones characters and many other popular shows portraying Vikings culture with drinking horns, Viking mugs, etc. But, not many of us put effort into researching and find out the real Viking heroes. In this blog, we would like to talk about the top Viking heroes of ancient history. Here we go...


Rollo was a Danish Viking leader who flourished as a prominent Viking leader with raids on France in the ninth century. King of the West Franks offered him Normandy for protecting his land from other Viking warriors. Later, he expanded his control to many lands in the world. After his death, his son William Longsword succeeded in his rule of his kingdoms. Rollo has played a crucial role in adding significance to all the Viking belongings, like Vikings mug, drinking horn, horn tips, etc., we use today.


Erik the Red

This Viking raider's full name is Born Erik Thorvaldsson. He is popularly known as Erik the Red earned his nickname for his red hair and possibly his hot temper. His story as a Viking hero began when his father was banished from Norway for killing someone. Later, his father migrated to Iceland, where Erik was subjected to manslaughter, ending his exile from Iceland around 982. Later, he sailed to the west and found Greenland's first Norse settlement.


Olaf Tryggvason

Olaf is the first-ever king who put tremendous effort into uniting Norway. He was believed to have been born around 968 and brought up in Russia. According to history, he fought many successful Viking wars, raids, and settlements, along with his troops. His hard work, dedication, and greed to win led to the Battle of Maldon in 991. His era came to an end when his rivals severely ambushed him in the sea. Instead of surrendering to them, he chooses to jump into the sea. Today, before we sip drinks or alcoholic beverages in Viking horns, drinking horn mugs, it is essential for us to know the roots of Viking culture.


Leif Erikson


Erikkson is the son of the Vikings warrior "Erik the Red" mentioned above. He is a prominent Vikings warrior mostly believed to be the first one to set his footprint on the North American continent. The amazing fact is that he reached the region almost about 500 years before Christopher Columbus. After establishing his footprint in Europe, Leif started anchoring his sail in search of a territory that had been glanced before home by an Icelander named Bjarni Herjolfsson on his sail to Greenland.


These are a few Viking warriors we need to know and hear about before just being addicted to the Viking mugs, drinking horns, horn tips, etc. Apart from these, there are also many other warriors like Harald Hardrada, Cnut the Great. If you are a true Vikings fan, you must know the deep history beneath the culture and how it started.