An Overview of the Vikings Culture and Its History

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An Overview of the Vikings Culture and Its History

Vikings also referred to as invaders, predators, and barbarians, are the one-dimensional warriors of ancient times late from the eighth to early 11th century. While many of us love using Vikings drinking horns, Viking mugs, or Viking horns, only a few of us might dig deep to know how these products have evolved and marked their widespread existence till today. If you are passionate about learning more about Viking history, this blog is for you. Read on to know how the Viking culture originated and flourished.

What is the Viking Age?

The name Vikings are commonly associated with the Scandinavian term vikingr, which means "pirate." The Viking era is said to last approx from the year 800 to 1050. The first-ever Vikings raid was discovered in AD 793, an attack on the Lindisfarne monastery in England. From then, for over two centuries, they lived in coastal communities in north-western Europe. They have earned themselves a reputation as fierce and pitiless warriors. 

The Vikings era has come to an end with the failure of Harald Hardrada's invasion in 1066. Yet, even after the period has ended, their culture widely spread from the Middle East to North America. Till today, they left a vast impression of their traditions on the rest of human life. After all, why will many famous shows feature the Vikings culture and their utilities like the drinking horns, Vikings horn mugs if they aren't popular?

What are the Vikings famous for?

Vikings are well known for their warrior skills and fierceness. Apart from being incredible soldiers, they are also unbelievable sailors. The Viking's shallow-draft boats were designed to travels hundreds of seawater miles, enabling them to travel deep into Europe with goods to trade. 

What are the popular Viking weapons?

As said above, Vikings are giant warriors, which induced the weaponry skills in them. As a matter of fact, this is the crucial reason why they are being labeled as ferocious invaders and raiders. 

Below are a few popular Viking weapons.


The Vikings axe is a typical weapon with long handles. This gives them freedom of a required reach in a battle. Based on the utility and expense of the axe owner, the ax's cutting edge ranged from 3 to 18 inches.


Swords were one of the wealthiest Viking weapons because of the high rate of Iron. These swords were usually only limited to military leaders. Viking swords were double-edged and around 35 inches in length.

Bow and Arrow 

Vikings have initially used bows and arrows for hunting; later, they found their effectiveness in raids. So, they trained the Viking soldiers to be great archers. The Viking arrows were solid and fierce enough to penetrate the enemy's battle shields.

What are the favorite products of Vikings?

Many popular Vikings products like the Viking drinking mugs, drinking horns, drinking horn mugs, jewelry, and many more vintage items replicated their tradition, culture, and craftsmanship. We at Fauji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms manufacturer and supply many famous Vikings products across the globe. We aim to introduce the ancient Viking culture to modern society.