Facts about the Viking Culture and its Products

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Facts about the Viking Culture and its Products

If you are one of those avid fans of Viking culture, below are a few surprising facts you need to know before just enjoying your beverages in Viking drinking horns or mugs. The history of Viking culture goes back to several thousand years and has managed to be prominent among many cultures in ancient and medieval times. Having said that, even till today, the Viking mugs are used in many famous shows like the game of thrones. Beyond just carrying the ancient tradition, Viking drinking horns have a true story representing the Nordic gods to rites of passage.

 Every part of the animal

 Ancient culture is well known for hunting. Many of them see hunting not just as a livelihood but also as a part of nature. They are not ready to waste any part of the hunt with a lot of energy spent to track, trap, and hunt prey. This is one part where probably the existence of Viking drinking horns can be related with. Viking drinking horns probably came into existence by older cultures trying to utilize every part of the animal. Although it is said that the Viking mugs are made from ox or buffalo horns, there can be few other parts used to manufacture them too. We are lucky enough to drink in such beautiful art pieces of the Viking culture like the Drinking Horn Mug, Ox horn beer mug, etc.

Used by God's

It is a known fact that many ancient art pieces are linked and are used by the gods. Drinking horn mugs are no different from them. There are few assumptions in the Greek and Scythian tribe that gods hold the Drinking Horn Mugs. There is also a belief that ancient God gave them to kings of that period.

Not just for fun

You would be wrong if you assume that Viking drinking mugs are just used for fun. Though these drinking horns in many cultures were associated with alcohol and revelry, there was hidden importance that most might not know. These Viking horns held mead. It is also said that at slain, warriors were offered a Viking drink horn when arriving at Valhalla.

Inherited Possessions

Observe these Viking horns or Ox horn beer mugs in the museum; you'll understand that they are tipped with various kinds of metals. The main reason for this being, people in ancient times produced them without animals. The drinking horns also became heirlooms and symbols of prestige or ceremonial importance. The inscriptions in Viking drinking horns often tell us whom they belong to and were passed down to.

These are a few facts you need to know about the Viking culture and their products like Drinking Horn Mug, Viking Drinking Horns, and Ox horn mugs. If you are looking to buy authentic Viking horn products, you can browse, explore and buy them online at Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms. The best Viking products seller for over the past 35 years now in the industry.