Drinking Mug with Resin Bottom 6

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Drinking Mug with Resin Bottom.Our drinking horn is an authentic piece of art manufactured from genuine animal products. A must-have Vikings possession for all the Norse lovers. Order this natural drinking horn today manufactured and supplied by Fouji Handicrafts, a top Viking products supplier. Gift this unique Vikings mug to your loved ones on special occasions to make their days extra special.

Drinking Mug with Resin Bottom

Bullet Points:-

  • Buy this unique, high-quality drinking horn mug from Fauji Handicrafts and Poultry Farms at a reasonable and affordable price. Enjoy your alcoholic beverages in an authentic drinking horn mug and go back to the medieval age.
  • The extra sleek design gives the mug a unique feel and elegance. All our Viking products are ensured to be manufactured with high finishing to let the Viking lovers cherish the memories of any special occasions while drinking in the Viking drinking horns.
  • The drinking horn mug is coated with non-toxic materials to ensure optimum safety for the Viking lovers to consume any alcoholic beverage without any interference with the drink.
  • Each horn mug comes with quality, elegance and guarantees the Norse lovers a tour to ancient times.

Material: - Natural horn & Resin

Colour: -Natural horn

Origin: - Indian

Item Weight: - Depends upon Size

Capacity: - As per requirement.

Theme: - Depends upon Size

Item Dimensions (L*W*H): - Depends upon Size

Item Diameter: - Depends upon Size

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